Push up bra - Large

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... The new bra, just imported from the United States.

Did you know that ...
By using our unique bra, you're going to look more feminine and more attractive, which will give you even more self-confidence?

Its unique design allows it to support where the other push-up bras fail.
It doesn't encumber the back, and actually it also gives you a stronger back.
...which we all can use from time to time!

You don't have to wear two bras to get the same effect.
The only thing you need to do is to wear it in addition to your own bra - simple as that. At the same time you also get a natural and strong body position?

Can you live without this marvel? We don't think ao!
Try it now!

What do I get for the price?
More filling and more visible cleavage!
Natural push-up effect!
Get larger, firmer and natural breasts!

Chest dimensions: 85-96

... and no worries, it is very discreet. No one will discover that you are wearing it underneath your clothing!

Price only


Press twice to buy two items.

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